Upcoming Availability/ NYC 2022/ Spring Hiatus

My availability for the first part of 2022 is filling up fast. Thanks to all of my lovely clients, most of whom have been in my sphere for the better part of my career as Vaughn. I anticipate taking a 2 month long hiatus some time in the spring or summer and will keep you abreast of those plans as they become more clear to me.

Until then, my NYC tour is almost completely booked. There is availability for one more extended date and a few shorter engagements. January 27th-30th is set in stone and I anticipate, based on careful and thoughtful examination of information regarding public health trends, that things should be quite a bit more settled down by then. Deposits are required and the absolute rock star ability of my New York clients to send them in a short amount of time with no hesitation is noted and always appreciated.

Keep warm until we meet again.



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