Texting with an Escort

The auto-correct pitfalls, edge-of-danger dings and everything in between

You've decided to book an escort you've never met via text because email seems too complicated and just isn't your style. A preference for a casual, "hello" feels more personal and less like a business transaction - I get it! I'm game to screen you via text and book our time together. While your needs are important, there are some things you may not have considered before picking up that phone to say hello; discretion and preference. While thinking a lot about what my clients want and need is a huge part of my work, perhaps you would like to know what's on my mind during this process. Read on curious future clients/current babe friends, there may be some nuggets of gold to be found here.

A few things right off the bat; I don't usually initiate text conversations with current clients. While you may disclose, in session, that you are single for various reasons, I still respect your privacy. A casual, "hello" is just not my style and, in the end, could put both you and I in hot water (of the non jacuzzi variety). For those who disclose a need for privacy because of a current connection they may have, the last thing I want to do is jeopardize that relationship as well as my own safety. After all, the other person may be mad at you but think of the fall out I can experience from such indiscretions. It's simply not something I want to risk.

I just like people more than I like phones. It's simple, it's elegant and it's what makes me great at what I do; being present, in person, in the moment and enjoying someone takes priority over glass-box clicks any day. Prioritizing what I like to do means I'm not great at what I don't like to do, I'll admit it, I'm not great at texting/sexting etc. Every escort is different and some may greatly enjoy the art of tip-tapping on that glowing portal we all hold in our pockets, I am not that escort. There are a lot of us out there, so if you're the texting type and so is she, I guarantee you will find her.

The above are some of the more nuanced thoughts I have on texting me, an escort. A few bare-bones pointers now for those who love lists:

-If you've never texted me before start with an introduction like, "Hi Vaughn, my name is Chris and I would like to know your availability. I am able to screen using a reference or work verification, thanks!" Three great things; Your name, your intention to book and your willingness to screen are all presented right away. This makes me happy and I want clients who want to make me happy, full stop.

-Once you've established we have matching schedules you can send along your screening info - and voila! It's as simple as that.

-If you're a current client who wants to rebook via text on the same number you used before, a simple, "Hello this is Chris, I'd like to set up another time to see you" gets the job done.

-Perhaps in session you said you would send me a YouTube link to a band I should check out or a piece of trivia neither of us could remember in-session. Send those along at will and always feels free to send a thank you message post session. :)

There may be a few auto-correct errors along the way, someone recently tried offering me a "devil massage" when he meant "nice massage" and while it was a funny auto-correct moment, its worth noting to never discuss acts of any kind via text or email.

While I've never had this happen to me, I have heard horror stories from my colleagues about partners using the clients' phone to call us and ripping into the worker for doing their job. That is a whole other blog post that I hope I never have to write. If we both keep the above in mind, then lets make sure that never happens.

Texting to book me is easy, safe and simple. Texting to chat with me is rare for many good reasons. Weigh the pros and cons on your end and proceed with pleasure and safety in mind.



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