Summer Updates

Ever-changing and always open to what's next.

Exciting update for my regulars (and future regulars). If you rebook with me within 60 days of our last appointment you will enjoy 100 off that appointment. You all are amazing and I wanted a way to show you that. You are also all so good at tipping that I'm not too worried about a significant difference.

If we already have an alternative rate structure please disregard this ;)

FMTYs: West coast fly me's will be staying the same so don't worry me sweet left coast babes! East coast established sweethearts, my old rates still apply. For all new East coast lovers, my minimum for booking is 16 hours. That flight is no joke!

Cancellation fee: If you cancel our booking less than 24 hours before the appointment you can venmo me 20 percent of the total booking fee. Then let's reschedule if this is your first time doing so.

My nails are kept short now. Imagine all of the fun things we can do with these non-sharp digits. (devil emoji anyone?)

On a more serious note, I want to talk about post-covid protocols. This is not about new rules or restrictions. I want to speak to the immense amount of physical and emotional isolation that some of my clients have experienced. Human touch is so important and being deprived of that for over a year has taken its toll. If you need a little bit of time to warm up, get comfortable with another presence so close, friendly and open, I get it. I'm great at reading body language and truly care about the people who walk through my door. What we do in the time we share is completely up to us. We co-create this experience and I endeavor to help guide each individual who trusts me towards feeling at ease and comfortable.

I appreciate you all so much and can't wait to see you in person soon. While my summer schedule is packed, I am a glass half full type of girl so feel free to reach out and let's do this thing.

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