New Clients and Summer Offerings

Updated: May 21, 2020

Remember precedented times? Yeah, me too!

We've moved into unprecedented times so lets adapt together to all the new changes that are needed so we can keep having fun. Life is about choices and making the best ones for ourselves. My realm is no different than any other in that regard. For instance, I have chosen to see fewer people in my life in general to keep me and my community safer. This means that I cherish and value the in-person time I have in a whole new way.

I'm seeing fewer clients. The coming seasons will mostly be spent with friends I've established connections with in the past. My time will be spoken for in advance with some exceptions. If you want to see me, please do reach out with 24 hours notice. My dance card is often filled up weeks in advance but it is worth a try.

I will only see clients who take their health and pleasure seriously. I have been approaching Covid-19 by trusting the work and advice of scientists, doctors and pandemic historians. Any and all people I come into close contact with are expected to do the same. Well-informed people make the best decisions about their health. This shared value is going to be a basic tenant moving forward as a companion.

My space is kept immaculately clean as per standards set by the CDC. Those of you who know me know that I have always been the most comfortable when my space is clean and tidy. My predisposition to cleanliness has helped me wrap my head around what my space should look like moving forward. My best practices around cleaning will always be kept up to date and adaptable to new information as it comes from trusted, scientific resources.

The Breakdown:

I'm seeing fewer clients.

I will only see those who take their health and pleasure seriously.

My space is kept immaculately clean.

This is all very heady stuff. So now that we've gotten that out of the way.

Let't have fun.



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