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Hello! If you're reading this perhaps you're a client who wants to utilize our time spent and my reputation as a reference or a provider who would like to get a reference from me. This should hopefully take the guessing out of the process and make it easy for all of us. I don't have an assistant so keeping it simple is key.

For Clients:

-You've seen me in the last year and want to use me as a reference in order to see another provider. Amazing! Do your thing, live your life, share your special self with whomever strikes your fancy.

-Send me a "hello" message from our last form of contact. If you texted to book, send a message from that number, if you emailed to book, send a message from that email chain.

-Let me know you're planning on having another person reach out to me for a reference. That way I can be prepared to offer info quickly. :)

For Colleagues:

Hello! Let's do this thing so you can do your thing.

-Email or text works best. If you need a quick reference and I don't get back to you in a few hours via email, feel free to ping me via text. Hopefully the client will have given me a heads up through our last mode of contact and I can quickly respond.

-I don't keep records of clients and will not give a reference if there isn't a way for me to confirm that I've seen this person in the last year.

-The client needs to send me a message from our last form of contact. (see above)

-Please include a way for me to know that you are a colleague like your advertisement or twitter link. I do this because it is easy for anyone to reach out to me using any number claiming to be a provider. (Yikes!)

-"Punctual, courteous, hygienic" are the three markers I use to give a reference. These are the three most important things to me. It answers the questions I want to know, "did this person respect my time?", "did they act in a generally respectful manor?"*, the last one is self explanatory ;)

*People are all amazing creatures who have a variety of personality traits and styles of interacting. Taking into account context for every interaction is important when I say someone was "courteous". Something as important as cultural norms and/or neural variance down to a small thing like traffic that day all matter when I consider if someone is trying their best to treat me with courtesy and respect.

**Thoughts on references:

For Clients:

Treat all of us, regardless of background or price point with respect.

For Colleagues:

Clients don't act the same way with every provider. I wish I could change this fact but please know that a reference from me does not guarantee your safety.

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