Question Series

I asked and you answered...with a question


My first question is from a person asking about screening requirements:

"Is there any way I can screen using just one, very good reference?"

Why yes there is! If you check out my screening requirements, I only require a reference from one reputable provider. Easy-peasy!

The second question was more salacious:

"How do you prepare yourself for an appointment?"

I am going to assume this question was referring to how I center before beginning my time with clients.

That's a great question! My life is full of hobbies and friends, activities and errands (that means coffee and bookstores) all of which help keep me centered in general. I find that the more I have going on in my life outside of work, the more energy I have to dedicate to clients in session.

I wake up and drink two cups of coffee then usually train for whatever physical endeavor I have on my plate. Having a goal for a certain bike ride or race is a great way to keep my mental and physical health on track. While training I listen to music or even (yep its true) read a book. I find that intense physical activity paired with engaging my mind in some way is a perfect recipe for starting my day right.

Once I hop out of the shower it's usually time to get ready and head to an appointment, a lunch with a friend or just work on projects at home. The everyday life I've built for myself is fulfilling and I like sharing that energy with clients and honestly just people in general.

The third question is delicious:

"Where do you like to eat in Seattle? I'm new and would like to book a dinner date"

Oh hey! Thats fun. :)

My top 6 in no particular order:

  • Art of The Table for locafare

  • Copine for New American

  • AQUA by El Gaucho for seafood

  • Bateau for steak.

  • Altura for Italian

  • Canlis for special occasions

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