FMTY and Booking

1: I am available once again for flights with a minimum booking length of 6 hours.

2: My scheduler Rose will also be handling all new client screening forms and, well, *scheduling. Switching over to this model was postponed in 2020. It's becoming quickly clear that as the world keeps turning that shifting this part of my practice will benefit you and me greatly. I have more time to focus on my creative pursuits, which in turn enriches my life and our sessions.

Some of you may already know Rose. She is a trusted name and guardian of companions time and energy. Rose wields her keyboard like a velvet hammer and watching her work her magic is like watching Georgia O'keeffe gently brush her canvas. You and I are both incredibly lucky that we get to work with such a diligent charmer.

I appreciate you all so much. Thanks for being yourselves and trusting me with our time together for the last 5 years in Seattle. The individuals I have been gifted with meeting have changed my life in the best ways. Here's to 5 more years of knowing smiles and inside jokes.


*Established clients have the option of continuing to book directly through me.

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