Fly Me To You

In a world that is decidedly a few decades pre-teleportation, we are bound by the limits of planes, trains and automobiles. While we wait for the instant gratification and shenanigans that will surely be inspired by this temporarily future tech, lets explore the options available to get my booty next to yours!

I am available to fly to anywhere in the US with a few weeks notice. Occasionally I can be available sooner, but that depends on dog-sitter availability and other engagement scheduling.

My contact form is the perfect way to start our adventure! Screening for FMTY's in a bit more extensive than if we had a city in common. Please send me your LinkedIn set to, "public view" as well as a provider reference. If this is an overnight you will also need to send me a picture of your ID.

Travel is booked by me and will include taxi to and from our appointments.

After we have established that information we can move on to the logistics of how exactly you are going to get the deposit and travel costs sent before I come see you. There are now a few secure and safe ways to send funds via phone apps. If cloak and da---wait I'll leave that creepy saying out of this! If you want to be a bit, "old school", you can also send cash in a book to a PO Box I provide upon screening.

My FMTY rates are structured a bit differently than my same-city rates. Please do review them and be prepared to include a deposit of 25% of our time together when you send the travel consideration.

Where can we stay? That's up to you! You can book us a 4/5 star hotel or send me the cost of one and I can arrange our stay. If you have a provider reference of someone I know personally (this is rare but happens!) I can come to your place and riffle through your record collection.

In short, it goes like this:



Send the deposit and travel consideration

Secure a hotel

Smile and distract yourself with my twitter while you wait for me to zoom to you.



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