What’s next?

So you found my Twitter or Instagram and you are excited to meet me. What’s next? Check out my website the consideration page to the “about me” and my blog. The consideration page has a lot of answers to a lot of questions that people have. Read it a few different times and pick the best option for you. Maybe you want to set aside a few hours and meet me at my space or maybe you want me to come to you at a hotel downtown and have a few drinks before hand. Those options are available with details on my consideration page. Next you can jump over to my contact form and fill in all of the important information. You can request a certain length of time, you can request I visit you or you visit me, you can also write a nice note at the end introducing yourself and telling me a little bit about yourself including your astrological sign. My website is designed for you to be able to get any information you need about me before filling out my contact form and reaching out. I hope you enjoy it and until then I’ll see you on Twitter and Instagram! 

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