The Perks

Once you've booked and followed through with an appointment, the fun doesn't have to stop there. I keep my social media updated to put future clients at ease. A perk that comes with that is being able to keep up with me even after our worlds have collided.

You went through with it and you couldn't be happier. You're just left started your car and are beaming. "Yes! She looked just like her pictures and was charming. I won't be able to see her in person for a while though because work is about to pick up." Never fear, client who I've seen! You can keep up with me a few different ways.

Besides having an Instagram account that is set to public and stories updated regularly, the "close friends" option is activated and anyone who has visited me for two plus hours gets added to that close friends list. Instagram doesn't allow nudity but I post tons of shameless selfies that will keep your mouth watering and your mind racing.

You'll be able to book me last minute. If I've seen you once then I am able to see you again with just enough notice to ready myself and my space. I only see a certain number of new clients a month to keep my stress levels low. When you're a sure thing, I am too!

Bitcoin will be an options. Established friends are more than welcome to show their appreciation via their electronic wallets. For now I only accept bitcoin for deposits on in-person meetings for first time guys.



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