The Gym Selfie That Turned Into A Pleasure Manifesto

How do you get out your excess energy and deal with stress? Physical ways of dealing with the need to relax can often manifest in all sorts of vices that have long-term consequences.

I've found the best way for me to deal with stress is to hit the gym and either lift weights or do a spin class. Its a way for me to focus my mind on the here-and-now, making my fully present in the moment. That complete mental focus gives me a rest from the things that may be making my day challenging.

I find that channeling stress through physical outlets, like working out and yes, sex, can be so helpful in improving ones mindset and overall well-being.

I'm going to list the little ways my different styles of session can help my clients unwind while staying present.

GFE- This session is an escape into the familiar. What makes you feel comfortable enough to open up but also challenges you to push forward through any hesitations? I llove putting people at ease and have been gifted with the ability to do so.

PSE- Getting lost in the moment and being completely saturated in an experience can allow us to get the mental space we need from our daily problems. That helps give us perspective when we need to focus on them later. These sessions are intense fantasy that both of us set up expectations for, together, before we begin, that way we can both let go within the bounds we've set.

Kink- Total immersion into another reality is not running away from our problems, its building a world where we can process our erotic desires in a lush and physical setting that we both desire. The deep and dark is often where we hide some of our most troubled thoughts and wildest joys. Having someone to explore those with is a serious undertaking. This type of relaxation often includes pushing ourselves beyond what the wold has told us is acceptable and finding, within ourselves, a home for our desires.

Massage- Adults need human contact. The feel of someone else's skin on our own is incredibly nurturing and can be, in big and small ways, transformative. This type of touch can set off our stress-relieving neurotransmitters that allow our brains to relax and let our bodies follow.

Extended Sessions- Sometimes two hours isn't enough. I totally get wanting to spend overnights and 24+ hours with a provider. This kind of companionship can allow those who need more time to decompress, the time and space to to so at their leisure.

Building connection quickly is something I'm good at, yes. Building connection over a number of hours is even more transformative in that it gives us time to develop a bond based on trust and understanding. We learn to enjoy eachother's physicality, the little spots that make us go, "ah" so that the next time we play, we can push those buttons. How special is it, sitting across from someone at dinner and knowing they like their nipples sucked gently?

That bond with another human being (who you happen to think is dead sexy!) can give you the opportunity to truly relax into this connection and let its soothing, sensual and yes of course fun vibes.



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