let me answer some of your burning questions 

What can I expect when I meet you, Vaughn?

Once you've screened and scheduled we'll both be anticipating the big day. Know that I am genuinely excited to meet new friends and catch up with established connections. I'll greet you at the door in a pretty dress, with a wink and a cheeky smile. Setting the mood is important, my favorite music will be softly playing the background as I welcome you into my space. If you're new to my world then a brief tour of either one of my spaces will be in order. The decor is a nice match of playful and artistic with personal touches sprinkled throughout. You'll set down the consideration on the plate that is close to the door. Oh and: There will be jokes, lots of jokes and curiosity about how your day has been. We can exchange small talk or get right to the nitty gritty of whatever deep thoughts you've been having lately. And after that...well, I never kiss and tell so we can finish this story together in person. 

Why do you need screening info?

Screening keeps me safe and screening keeps you safe as well. Clients share their personal information with me in good faith. I share my time and comfort with you all in the same spirit, good faith. Let's start off our adventure on the right note. You fill out my screening form to completion and you show me that you trust me and that I can trust you as well. 

How do I know my information will be kept safe? 

Thats a great question. My career as Vaughn started 6 years ago. Never in my time at this beloved job have I been put in the position to break confidentiality with a single client. This industry is made and broken by a providers' reputation. I am honored to have been trusted the information of people from all walks of life, with all different needs around confidentiality. If you are still hesitant about providing screening information then mull it over and wait to reach out until you've decided I am someone who can be trusted. Messaging me and telling me you won't screen does not make me angry, it does however confuse me as I have a myriad of clients who readily provide information when they reach out. 

What types of clients do you see? 

I see all types of clients. My screening is not based on race, gender, dis/ability, size, religion or orientation. I get along best with people who are courteous and attentive during our appointments together. Those two qualities come in a vast array of packages. So if those two characteristics could describe you, then we'll get along well. My incall is not wheelchair accessible, unfortunately. Clients who use a wheelchair and want to see me on an out-call basis are very welcome to contact me. 

Why do you ask for deposits?

Cancellation rates drop dramatically when deposits have been collected. All new clients are required to send a deposit in the form of a gift card. The amount is the same for everyone, regardless of amount of time being booked under 6 hours. The deposit amount is 25 dollars. It shows me you are a real person who is taking their pleasure seriously. This does, of course go towards your total. You do forfeit the deposit upon your cancellation. I accept gift cards to Uber, Amazon and any of my listed favorite stores.  

I want to book a social date with you but am worried about discretion and people recognizing you. 

This is a great question! The short answer is that I am rarely recognized, especially with the current mask mandates. It's also clear that anyone who observes me would never be able to tell if I am with a friend of 10 plus years or a someone I've met moments before. My warmth and ease with all people is a gift and a talent I enjoy sharing. I also know of a handful of sweet and discreet dining spots where you and I can blend in as much - or as little as we want. 

Why don't you blur your face?

People have really good reasons to blur their faces. It's a deeply personal decision that I respect completely. I would only blur my face for data collection reasons. The fact of the matter is that facial blurring does not stop collection of facial recognition data. The Organized Escort wrote a great article on this subject that I highly recommend other workers check out. 

How does the in-person screening or social time rate work and what do I get?

If the discounted rate of social time is what you are after, you are in the wrong place. The social rate/in-person screening offer is designed to keep our time together within the realm of a provider/client relationship. That includes you getting the best version of me and me feeling that my time is respected in the process. As for proximity to me, think of it as a first date. Lots of flirting and knowing smiles with a mind towards future adventures of a more private nature. 

Do you tour?

I do tour in a limited capacity. At this time I am planning a tour of NYC this Spring, 2022. If you're in New York and would like to spend time with me, my calendar is filling up fast. Reach out and let's find a time that works for both of us. 

What do you like to do in Seattle?

Reach out for a private list of my favorite haunts. I'll tease you here by mentioning food, music, art, pool, karaoke, hiking and of course, a strip club.