Oh Good, You're Here.


If you're interested in spending time with me please fill out the form below. If you really want to impress me, include your astrological sign.

I prefer to spend my time with friends and pursuing my creative endeavors. I employ a scheduling assistant named Rose who will help you complete the screening process if you choose to help me by trusting her. Her 8 years in this position allows me to focus on what I truly love, meeting my friends and being fully rested and present while doing so. If you prefer to only interface with me, please mark the indicated field and give me a bit of extra time to get to your request.  If you choose to only interface with me, the screening form is sent to a separate email address that only I am able to review. 


Pick one or more options. 

-Your first and last name and way for me to discreetly verify your employment.

-A linkedin set to "Public View" 

-2 current provider references

-Photo ID with address covered (if that matters to you). &

-A photo of you holding your ID with just the photo showing.

*In-person screening is available upon request with a prepaid gift card payment of 150 to schedule. These are not refundable if you cancel and are in addition to my consideration. Read more about that here. 


From arrival to departure, lets keep it simple.

Upon your arrival I will give you a tour of my space and a big hug! At the end of the tour I will direct you to the restroom with a fully stocked shower. On the way to the shower is a brass platter where you can leave your consideration for our time. I offer scentless soap as well as mouthwash, both of which you are encouraged to use. When you are done in the restroom, I'll welcome you back into my space where we will begin our adventure.

I am fully vaccinated and ask that you please shower directly upon arriving after your tour of the space as a COVID-19 safety measure. 

I will not rush you out the door. I am often on my way to the gym, a dog walk or band rehearsal directly after an engagement.


North and South Seattle

You have two options! 

I have a lovely space 10 minutes south of downtown Seattle. It is in a residential neighborhood that is quiet and very private. 

  I have another space 10 minutes north of downtown close to restaurants and other fun activities. 

Let me know if you have questions about either. I am happy to give you more info once you have screened. 

Payment is for time spent only
Cash/Bitcoin preferred Card available with notice.

I accept Bitcoin before our appointment only.

You've Come This Far...
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Would you prefer me to screen and schedule with you or are you comfortabe with my assistant Rose scheduling our appointments? If you only want to screen with me, this form is sent to a completely seperate email.

Thanks for submitting!