Vaughn Wolff Seattle

Classic Confidant

Escape into comfort and ease...

Isn't it funny we've met this way? Of all the chances in the world that our paths would cross, its here and now. I've put myself out there and now its your turn to write the next line in this story we call our lives. 

Black birds, goddesses, flowers and song lyrics adorn my athletic, hourglass body. Brightly colored and carefully curated, my tattoos tell a story that is both deeply personal and an open book for those in my close circle to peruse. Intrigued by my underarm hair? Its a nod to my wild side, and the fact that I am a natural rebel. Everything else is kept clipped and shaved, for a soft caress or easier...access.

Some prefer a completely natural experience with regard to my underarms. Let me know ahead of time and I'll skip the deodorant. 


1 Hour 500 

2 Hours 900

3 Hours 1400

Touring Monterey:

1 Hour 600

2 Hours 1000

3 Hours 1600

4 Hours 2k

Add 200 for a guided tour to the Greek Isles.​​

Rebook me within 60 days of our previous appointment and enjoy 100 off that appointment.


Extended Confidant

Sometimes two hours isn't enough.

Extended companionship can allow those who enjoy more time to decompress, the time and space to to so at their leisure. 

​4 Hours

Let's enjoy one another's company. 

Seattle: 1600

6 Hours 

A dinner date where we can fit in all the food and all the fun.

Seattle: 2000

​14 Hour Overnight

From dinner to breakfast, this is my most popular booking type. (In Seattle, I can host  at my beautiful and private space)

Seattle: 3500

24 Hour Tryst


Spend a day exploring all the possibilities.

Each additional day is 2k

Exclusive arrangements tend to happen organically. There isn't a particular form you can fill out or way to know that this would work for both of us. That being said, an arrangement like that would start at 20k monthly. 



​I love seeing couples and have been fortunate enough to experience my time being a planned-for gift from one partner to another. Want that unicorn with none of the uncertainties that come with dating apps? I'm your gal. 2 Hours is my preferred minimum for these adventures. 

2 Hours 1200

After 2 hours please add 200 an hour per each total session time request.



Fly Me To You

SF-LA-SLC and Beyond

6 Hours 3K

8 Hours 4K

16 hour overnight 5K

Beyond that enquire via screening form.

This requires a minimum 6 hour engagement. It includes reasonable flight accommodation/taxi to and from the airport and a deposit of 50 percent of session length going towards the total.

Deposit can be paid via Amazon Gift Card or available apps. 

I require one provider reference, a linkedin account and a picture ID for screening. 


Read this blog post for more info and contact me to discuss details. 

East Coast FMTY's have a minimum 16 hour overnight requirement. That flight is no joke my friend! 

Vaughn Wolff
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I see all types of clients. My screening is not based on race, gender, dis/ability, size, religion or orientation.


My incall is not wheelchair accessible, unfortunately. Clients who use a wheelchair and want to see me on an out-call bases are very welcome to contact me.

Gifts are not required but they are always appreciated. 

Some of my favorite things can be purchased from:

Warm My Heart 

(donations to causes I support)

LGBTQ Legal Aid

Project Green Light

Seattle Youth Shelter

Dress Me Up

Make Me Smile

Drive Me Wild