Vaughn Wolff, 

Seattle Confidant

 Oh good, you're here. 

I'm Vaughn and its great to almost meet you. 

Born and raised in the Sonoran Desert, I moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in my early 20's. Music and art have always been my passion. Passion has always been my preferred art form. 

You’re looking for someone who you can share something that lets you come and go as you please, but is intriguing enough to keep your interest piqued. I am that provider with years of experience. While I have a lovely client base that I adore, I am always happy to widen my circle of friends when the right person comes along. 

I am easy to connect with and a whole lot
of fun to be around. If you want a hand forgetting the pressures of your world and entering into the flirty ease of my domain, I’m your rough and tumble guide to such a personal adventure.

We’ll go from strangers to fast friends, not despite of, but because we may be from different spheres.

Perhaps you’re an artist yourself, or just like being around creative types. Let’s talk about what gets us out of bed every morning and the good reasons to stay there all day.

I hope you like sincere, curious and outgoing flirts because this is about to get very interesting. 

You’ve come this far with me already, the next move is yours.


For those curious about my wide range of salacious interests, please see my consideration page for more information.


Let's begin.