Oh good, you're here. 

I'm Vaughn and its great to almost meet you. 

Born and raised in the Sonoran Desert, I moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in my early 20's. Music and art have always been my passion. Passion has always been my preferred art form. 


I love meeting people and hearing about their lives. Breaking the ice with a joke and asking the right questions that guide the conversation to topics we both are interested in are a few of my specialites.

Wondering what I do for fun?

My interests include: cycling, cross-country skiing, my rescue dogs, finding the perfect cup of light to medium roast coffee, learning more about wine, trashy paperback sci-fi/fantasy thrillers, enjoying great food while taking in beautiful views and simply put, people.

I’m the woman who might strike up a conversation while we sit next to each other on a plane. People are fascinating creatures and one part I love about this life I get to lead is learning the whos, whats and whys of humanity and individuals.

I am lucky enough to have friends from all different walks of life. It would be remiss of me not to say that maybe you might be an interesting friend just on the horizon.

Well, that’s entirely up to you. The one thing all of my favorite people have in common is that they followed my booking directions. That is truly it. I know I can be a bit intimidating to new friends so let me just give you the keys to the kingdom so you know what I like. 

If you want me to like you, its really easy, I promise. I value courtesy, hygiene and punctuality. Show me those three things and that common ground is a great place to jump from into adventure.

For those curious about my wide range of salacious interests, please see my consideration page for more information.


Let's begin.